The Ultimate Choice For Agents And Clients
  • Our concept and today's technology reduces the overhead allowing us to pass the saving to our agents!
  • You are already conducting your business in the virtual world. Internet, email, smart phones, text messaging, electronic signature, iPads, notebooks, cloud technology to name a few.
  • You are already mobile & working from your home office either full or part time!
  • Virtual is the future, DON'T be left behind!

Isn't it time you take control of your business & and take it to the next level?
Isn't it time you STOP paying to support an outdated business model and START keeping more of your hard earned commissions?
Don't you believe you are worth more? We do!

Why Agents Choose Us?

100% Commission To All Agents
No Recurring Fees - Period
Bilingual Support - Nói Tiếng Việt
Free per Transaction - Only $495

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Our Associates

Just Love It Realty® agents are generally more seasoned professionals joining from the larger local franchises. Our concept is what primarily attracts and retains these independent minded, progressive professionals. Just Love it Realty® has a much smaller brick and mortar presence known as the “Work-Center” and focuses on a much larger virtual presence by way of the internet and the home offices. Technology has allowed us to work from just about anywhere, including our homes. Our associates are more mobile, utilizing laptop computers, smart phones, portable printers, scanners, di...
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The Concepts

Just Love It Realty® agents work primarily from their fully equipped home offices or from their own private office. Just Love It Realty® gives you the opportunity (Broker or Salesperson) to open a “Work-Center” under our “Work-Center Branch Partnership” program (WBP) allowing you to generate additional income!The “Work-Center” is designed to accommodate the home office agent with the facilities and equipment to provide a neutral setting for home based agents to meet clients, negotiate sales and a place to utilize when in the field. The “Work-Center&#...
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100% Real Estate Commission

It’s official! US had the lowest month in real estate sales across the country. What that means to realtors, brokers and agents alike that this substantial drop in real estate sales will affect everyone’s income. And that takes us directly to a very hot topic real estate commission split. Yes, we offer 100% real estate commission split to all agents and unlimited broker support. We also are working to help our agents to promote themselves online. This new undertaking will help all ages to become more independent in their marketing efforts without any additional fees going to the broker ...
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